The Next Step™
Neonatal Resuscitator


KM Medical was established to research the global problem of Neonatal Volutrauma and Chronic Lung Disease, their link to over-inflation by current resuscitators and to develop the Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator to help mitigate these issues impacting over three million newborns annually.

All current Neonatal Resuscitators, both Self Inflating Bag (SIB) and T-Piece units are pressure-driven and control pressure but not volume as lung compliance changes during resuscitation and ventilation.

The patented Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator accurately controls volume, throughout changes in lung compliance, thereby mitigating the risk of Volutrauma and Chronic Lung Disease.

Two Published Comparative Studies Validate Next Step™ Volume Control

SIB & T-Piece resuscitators deliver 4-5 x Target Volume, Next Step™ does not exceed 5mL Target

Solevåg AL, Haemmerle E, van Os S, Bach KP, Cheung PY, SchmÖlzer GM. A Novel Prototype Neonatal Resuscitator That Controls Tidal Volume and Ventilation Rate: A Comparative Study of Mask Ventilation in a Newborn Manikin. Frontiers in Pediatrics/Neonatology 28 Nov 2016

Due to the Next Step™ platform’s significant savings in size, weight, power-consumption and cost, plus not requiring gas or barometric pressure compensation during air transport, additional fields include:

• Neonatal Transport and In-Hospital Ventilation
• Infant-Adult Resuscitation / Transport and In-Hospital Ventilation
• Anaesthesia
• Military Frontline to Field Hospital
• Homecare Ventilation / Transport Ventilation
• AED Resuscitation / Ventilation (to overcome resistance to mouth-mouth)
• Third World Resuscitation Ventilation / Transport Ventilation
• Mass Disaster Resuscitation, Ventilation / Transport Ventilation
• Veterinary Resuscitation, Ventilation / Transport Ventilation

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